Friday, July 18, 2008

In the Distance

Today I was flipping through an old accordion file folder that had a bunch of guitar chord charts I had hand written over the years, looking for a particular song and I ran across some poetry I had written quite a few years ago. I wrote in this one March of 1991. I was at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, living in a tent. We were there in support of Operation Desert Storm. As I read the verses, I was trying to remember exactly what I was thinking at the time. I guess the poem gives a pretty good idea. At the time I didn't title the poem, but I think "In the Distance" works.

In the distance I hear a heart beat
I wonder what life force it will bring
Will it be that of hope
Only the life bringer knows

In the distance I hear the thunder
I wonder what storm it will bring
Will it be a storm of hope
Only the storm maker knows

In the distance I hear the rain
I wonder what gift it will bring
Will it be a gift of hope
Only the rain maker knows

In the distance I hear the cries
I wonder what message they bring
Will they be cries of hope
Only the maker of those who cry will know

In the distance I feel there is hope
It is there for those who seek it
In this life there is always hope
It is there in the distant heart beat

When I wrote this my English writing and editing skills were not what they are now, but I think it's a good poem nonetheless. I only changed one line (Line 4, verse 4) because the original line didn't seem to fit the theme. As a read and re-read the verses, I think the underlying theme is obvious. I would be interested to know if you see it as well. Please post a response if you have times. Thanks.